We can work with you to produce a strong direct marketing option.

Email Marketing is not a new way of advertising online and it's success is very dependent on certain factors. Markite have experince knowing what these factors are and we are here to help you get the most return of investment from your email campaign.

“Hit ‘em Hard” Package:

  • £100 for first 1000 emails and £10 per additional 1000.
  • Editing of data sent to fit with Markite system
  • Design of email
  • Feedback links installed.
  • Full feedback report of campaign data one week after delivery

Unless you already have the ablitiy to run weekly email marketing solutions then you will find an email campaign time consuiming to design and impliment.

At these prices it's a 'no brainer'! Get in contact with us today to see just how quickly we can get a campaign up and running.